Tracing the roots of taco Tuesday is tricky.

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Key Takeaways

  • Taco Tuesday’s Origin Controversy: Dispute over the popular term’s ownership and history sparks controversy.
  • Taco Tuesday Trademark Battles: Taco John’s attempts to own the term face legal challenges.
  • Historical Roots of Taco Tuesday: Origins traced back to 1930s advertisements offering special Tuesday taco discounts.
  • Variety in Taco Tuesday Specials: Restaurants’ Taco Tuesday deals and specials vary widely across establishments.
  • Complexity of Taco Tuesday Ownership: Disagreements persist over the exclusive ownership of the term.

Once a week, Taco Tuesday arrives to sate our taco cravings on the cheap. This new custom appears to have begun in 1989, and “Taco John’s” trademarked it the same year. They’re responsible for the memorable name. Let me explain for those of you who have been living in a non-taco world and have no idea what this day is about. It’s a day when we all get together for the love of tacos and celebrate the cheap, meaty goodness of tacos.

Taco Tuesday’s Background:

You’re probably familiar with the term “Taco Tuesday” independent of where you’re from or where you’re from, maybe because you eat a taco or two every Tuesday. Perhaps you’ve seen too many Taco Tuesday jokes about comprehending the notion.

We really would like to help spread the word about the taco’s fascinating history as a popular food item outside of Mexico, not only since we enjoy a good taco. The account is not straightforward, believe it or not. Without a doubt, it isn’t without strife or controversies, which continue to this day. There is indeed a surprising lot of dispute when it comes to the American interpretation of the taco.

Who owns the taco Tuesday trademark in New Jersey?

As previously stated, Taco John’s does not own the trademark for Taco Tuesday® in the state of New Jersey. Gregory’s Restaurant, on the other hand, was the first to trademark the phrase in 1979. Unfortunately, this registration only applied to New Jersey, not the entire country. It is yet another indicator of Taco Tuesday’s more complicated origins, contradicting Taco John’s simple explanation.

Sparked substantial controversy:

Owing to the uncertain origins or ownership of the popular term, Taco has sparked a lot of disputes over the years. First and foremost, we must define what we mean by Tuesdays. Taco has become a national tradition in the United States. Taco can be honored and celebrated in a variety of ways. Taco Tuesday may entail going out and eating tacos or even making their own for some individuals.

Taco Tuesday for restaurants:

The essence of Taco for restaurants is the giving of taco specials. It includes both Mexican restaurants and any other place that serves tacos in some way. These tacos are frequently cheaper on Tuesdays than that on different nights of the week. Taco is a typical American tradition, but it is hugely common in Southern California. In the seaside towns of this region, the Taco promotion has become highly popular.

Trying to avoid saying taco Tuesday:

Taco John’s has gotten a lot of attention over the years since they believe they invented Taco Tuesday. Taco John’s has developed a reputation for delivering cease and desist letters to small businesses that advertise with the tagline “Taco Tuesday.” Despite the failure of these efforts, Taco John continues to fight for the exclusive right to use the term Taco Tuesday.

Use of Taco Tuesday by other eateries:

On several occasions, Taco John’s has filed charges against smaller restaurants that provide weekly affordable tacos under the named Taco. Overall, this strategy hasn’t been very effective in curbing the use of tacos by other restaurants. Because of the word’s prominence, imposing legal restrictions on its use, even if a trademark has already been issued, is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Origin of taco Tuesday:

Even though Taco John claims to have invented Taco, most of his claims are easily refuted. However, this is not the case. Several other Mexican businesses had previously utilized the theme and term before Taco John filed for the Taco trademark.

Taco Tom’s is not the first firm to develop the phrase Taco, even if we chose the earliest year possible. By 1979, the word had been in use for about a decade. On the other hand, Taco Tuesday has a considerably longer history. From the 1930s onward, advertisements offering special Tuesday taco discounts may find. For example, the Albuquerque Guardian Post’s section first reported on this custom.

Mexican tacos:

In October 1933, White Star Cafeteria ran a week-long ad to let locals know that they offered “Mexican tacos” every Tuesday. The Snow White Drive-In in Rapid City, South Dakota, was the first to use the phrase in the Rapid City Journal. A few years later, in 1975, Marti’s, a Manhattan, Kansas restaurant, used the tagline. Both of these incidents occurred before Taco John’s claimed to be the first to create the slogan.

Tracing the roots of taco Tuesday is tricky:

Although if Taco Tom’s says otherwise, the truth is that the roots of Taco are at best hazy. Taco have been around for more than a century, although the phrase “taco Tuesday” was only coined a few decades ago.

Taco is fantastic:

This particular practice in restaurants does not have a one-size-fits-all answer. Taco Tuesday’s specific conditions, like Happy Hour, may vary significantly from one establishment to the next. Different specials and the hours during which the bargains are valid are likely to be presented at other places. Taco Tuesday is excellent for a variety of reasons. It’s not only straightforward, but it’s also growing progressively popular in the United States.


All this only exacerbates the complexity of the origins issue. Regardless, it is sometimes maintained that no single firm or entity should claim ownership of a name like Taco Tuesday. Although we would love to see you any day of the week, these specials are only accessible on Tuesdays. We’ll have fresh, low-cost tacos ready for you when you come. As a result, enforcing any trademark or legal claim is problematic.

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