Who is best girl in Tamaki fire force?

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Key Takeaways

  • Tamaki Kotatsu’s Background: Former commander of Special Fire Force Battalion 1, known for her agility and Ignition Ability.
  • Appearance and Personality: Athletic, spirited young woman with dual tails, gold eyes, and a caring yet boastful nature.
  • Abilities and Skills: Swift reactions, agility, crisis response, and exceptional durability in battles.
  • Storyline Highlights: Engagements in Rookie Fire Army Sports, encounters with Shinra, and missions against Infernals.
  • Company 8’s Adventures: Involvement in operations, facing challenges, and dealing with internal and external conflicts.

Kenji Kotatsu (Tamaki Kotatsu) is a former Strategic Fire Force Battalion 1 (Tamaki Kotatsu). Due to its connection with Strategic Fire Force Company 8, Rekka Hoshimiya is penalizing her. Tamaki was a commander of the 1st Special Fire Dept, and their clothing was decorated with the number “1” to show that.


Tamaki fire force is a small, athletic young woman with long, long dark hair twisted into dual tails, gold eyes with white pupils, and a slim, athletic physique, similar to Shinra. With a protective outer jacket and neck protector over her black leggings and bra, she’s ready to take on any assignment. She also wears dark boots and protective gloves when out on the field. Blue lines cover parts of her clothes. She has her torso completely exposed, including her entire stomach and undergarments.


Tamaki has a pleasant personality and is sympathetic to everyone, especially her comrades and the children under her care. Despite this, she has demonstrated traits like boastfulness and loudness. As a result, she tends to make excuses for others. It, combined with her misfortune, causes her great embarrassment.

The opposition of Lower-ranking Fire Soldiers:

When lower-ranking Fire Soldiers oppose Tamaki’s superiors, she becomes irritated easily. She is extremely proud of Unit 1 and holds its soldiers, particularly the commanders, in high esteem. It doesn’t stop her from developing strong ties with the other members of Companies 8 and 2.


Tamaki’s clumsiness at school led to her being teased and bullied by other students, who had her sit in the back of the class. She comforted her buddy Tamaki and said she would pass the job exam when Tamaki became a brother, but she tripped and sprouted fire tails during the testing. Upon learning of her Third Generation status, her classmates questioned whether or not she would join Company 1 like a firing soldier.


Tamaki’s early performance need not reflect her true skill because she had not yet reached her maximum potential while affiliated with the elite Company 1. Despite this, Tamaki has shown the ability to swiftly assess her situations to prepare her next play and speculate on opponents’ abilities. These life-saving crisis response skills have been demonstrated numerous times.

Increased Pace:

Assault and Orochi, both extremely powerful Pyrokinetics, have no chance against Tamaki’s rapid reactions and agility. She’s faster than the rest of Company 7, and she’s even caught up to Shinra now that she has her ignite ability. When she trained with Hinata and Hikage in Asakusa, her speed improved even further, enabling her to move at breakneck rates when playing tag with the two.

Longevity Enhancement:

People like Orochi, who know Tamaki well, praise her for her exceptional durability. With little effort, she was able to tank hits from Rekka Hoshimiya and many infernals and those from Assault. Tamaki also has incredible heat resistance, which allows her to deal with Orochi and Assault’s attacks on her with relative ease.


During Tamaki’s engagement in the Rookie Fire Army Sports, she sees Shinra Kusakabe, who irritates her by looking at her chest with his evil grin. Tamaki is touched after failing to prevent Shinra from contacting Leonard Burns, which makes her angry. She realizes how far Shinra has advanced the instant the simulation exam begins, and she chooses to have her Ignition Ability claw her way back up the rankings.

The arc of the First Special Fire Service:

Recruits from 2nd, 5th, & 8th Companies are welcomed at the 1st Special Fire Suppression Cathedral. Tamaki notices Shinra in the crowd and comes to a halt to observe her. When Tamaki spies an Infernal within Shinjuku neighbourhood, the fresh recruits had just concluded their training. He informs them of the situation right away and assigns them to his Company Commanders again for the duration of the operation.

Asakusa’s Arc:

As part of their research, Company 8 and Tamaki will travel to Asakusa. When Benimaru Shinmon comes, he is faced with cleaning an Infernal who has wreaked havoc on the city. Shinra suffers from Lucky Lewd Syndrome, which prompts her to drop her blouse and flatten out her breasts in front of the Tamaki fire force and the rest of Company 8 while they try to reconstruct the city.

The plot of Thrones’ Hades:

As Shinra and Tamaki clean up the church’s yard, Karim unexpectedly greets them. Tamaki smacks Shinra when he’s sleeping, putting her in a compromising position with him due to her Luck Lewd Syndrome. After discovering the White Hoods’ hiding place in the Netherworld, Akitaru asks Tamaki if she’ll join Company 8 on her voyage thither. Tamaki agrees to take part in the experiment. As they reach the Netherworld, the brigade is divided up by mist, and Tamaki grabs Iris’ hand.

Company 4 of the Special Firefighters:

It’s the officers’ day off, and they decide to go to Downtown Shibuya to get Lieutenant Hinawa some new clothes because they’ve had it with the way he’s dressed. Tamaki’s anxiety about Shinra’s family condition causes her to be tougher toward him when she’s out shopping. While shopping, the girls get a little carried away and buy their superior some absurd and cheap apparel, which puts them into some hot water with Akita.

Arc of the Fifth Pillar:

Company 8 mobilises in the Matchbox when fires erupt throughout Tokyo, and a slew of Infernals arrive. Tamaki’s team rescues citizens and destroys the Infernals after addressing the Inca’s mysterious reputation and uncanny power. Infernals are increasing, and a Demon Infernal has appeared, making it impossible for Iris to say the prayers necessary for a formal exorcism.

The arc of Haijima Industries:

The rest of Company 8 already knows that Viktor is a spy for the Haijima Industries organization; therefore, they don’t believe him when he claims to be one. Because of his information, they are forced to look into the background of Haijima’s company, which is testing Third Generation youngsters to see if they are affected by the Adolescent Burst Tamaki fire force. Tamaki fire force, Tamaki fire force, Tamaki fire force.

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