Everything you need to know about tea party hats!

Tea party hats refined quality of complexion was much sought after, so wearing a hat to protect one’s face and skin from the sun is obligatory.  It’s not necessary to be a girly girl who spends all her time playing with dolls to have a tea party. Because there are a growing number of tea shops competing for customers’ attention, there is a good chance that you have seen advertising for afternoon tea at some point in your life. It is customary for ladies in England to accessorize with hats while attending afternoon tea since the meal is often eaten outside in the garden. Here we will discuss more tea party hats.

What to wear to a Proper tea party hat?

When attending a tea party, dressing more casually than usual is appropriate. Tea party attire for the females often includes long gowns in brilliant colours, gloves that reach down to the wrists, and fascinator hats. It is a time-honoured custom that visitors at a tea party should avoid wearing the colour black in deference to the occasion. Get a stylish yet modest fascinator to indulge your inner girly girl for the tea party.

Modern tea party hats Attire:

Attendees are still required to wear hats to tea parties, which adds to the formal atmosphere. There are many styles to choose from when looking for the ideal hat for a tea party. Attendees of an outdoor tea gathering should wear hats with larger brims, like those seen at the Kentucky Derby. Think of a floppy summer hat but with an exquisite touch. Feminine touches, such as flowers, ribbons, and other embellishments, are welcome and recommended on all hats worn to a tea party.

Hats of several styles appropriate for a tea party:

Tea hats may be big and elaborate in the afternoon and small and dainty in the morning, depending on the event. The more informal the setting, the more room there is for whimsy in the decor; for example, hats with dainty flowers and ribbons are perfect for a garden party. However, a more refined hat may be for high tea. Your fascinator should reflect the setting where you’ll be enjoying tea and the time of day.

High tea party hats are a formal event:

High tea isn’t as stiff as the image suggests; contrary to popular belief, it may be held in more casual settings. “High tea” got its name because it was often enjoyed at a dining table rather than a coffee table, typically lower to the ground. It is customary to wear a gorgeous sundress with a more casual, although still elegant, fascinator to high tea. High tea calls for smaller fascinators like headbands. Your tea party attire and headpiece depend on your location.

What to Wear to Afternoon tea party hats?

Although traditional afternoon tea is more formal than other tea parties, it’s important to remember that modern afternoon tea gatherings are still mostly casual. Since this is a more formal event than high tea, it is recommended that you dress a little more formally. Feminine, colourful, and ornate fascinators, such as those adorned with feathers, flowers, or bows, are perfect for afternoon tea. Wearing a nice hat with a wide brim is another great idea if you plan on enjoying afternoon tea outside.

Pillbox hats:

Pillboxes and hats made to look like men’s hats are also popular for indoor afternoon tea parties. Tiny, structured hats are wonderful for tea time and individuals who desire something distinctive that can handle additional embellishment and accessories. Tea-length, semi-formal dresses, jumpsuits, or pretty sundresses in light colours are all acceptable alternatives for the rest of your outfit while attending an afternoon tea. If you’re going out in the evening, you probably shouldn’t wear the same company you wore during the day.

Required attire for the Formal Tea Party:

A fascinator and a lovely tea-length dress are the perfect combinations. Headwear fitting for afternoon tea can include a structured pillbox hat, one with beautiful feathers or flowers, or something similar. It’s also important to act demurely during these fancy tea parties. Wear long sleeves or bring a shawl just in case, and avoid short skirts and tops.

Add-Ons for Hats:

The best tea hats often have birdcage veils as an added embellishment. They provide a sense of whimsy and a delicate flare without being over the top or overdone, making them perfect for any occasion, including tea time. Feathers. You are expected to stay sitting while having tea, so choose a hat or fascinator that suits your style and won’t get in the way.

Attractive materials for tea party hats:

The most attractive materials for tea hats are silk, velvet, and other rich fabrics since wearing a hat was a mark of wealth and high status in England, where the habit started—finding the perfect fascinator or tea that doesn’t have to be difficult. At Gold Coast Couture, you’ll find a plethora of hats and fascinators in a rainbow of hues, styles, and materials to choose from. Fascinators are a great conversation starter and stopper at any party, especially during a tea party or garden party when tea is offered.

Looking for Tea Party hats:

Your best choice for hats that are suitable for a tea party is Gold Coast Couture. We provide a wide variety of traditional English tea hats for females, and there is a vast assortment to choose from. Our selection of fascinator hats was designed by some of the most well-known fashion designers in the world, including Philip Treacy, Vivien Sheriff, and Nigel Rayment.


To start things off, one of the most prized possessions of a person who likes afternoon tea parties is a magnificent tea hat or fascinator. The widest point of a fascinator’s base is often no more than four inches. Tea hats and fascinators are great ways to bring attention to the fact that you are attending a more formal occasion like afternoon tea. Friends who share a passion for tea often comment on the dazzling array of patterns and colours shown on each other’s tea hats during afternoon tea gatherings.


Exactly why is it necessary to accessorize with a fascinator?

This term, popularized in the 1990s, has become an alternative to the traditional hat for formal occasions. This accessory for the head is often a large, elaborate design on a band or clip. In contrast to a cap, its only function is to look good.

What do you call a hat that is worn during a social gathering?

This slang word for condoms, “party hats,” emerged in the 1980s. The other varieties of slang party hats are less common than flat nipples and police sirens. It just shields the wearer’s ears and forehead from the weather. Thus it’s not good for keeping the elements at bay.