What does telesto catalyst do?

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Key Takeaways

  • Telesto Catalyst Boost: Enhances the powerful Telesto Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2.
  • Catalyst Acquisition: Obtainable through Legendary Lost Sectors or specific activities.
  • Prestige Eater of Worlds Raid: Catalyst acquired in Crimson Catalyst Eater of Worlds Raid.
  • Role of Esoterikk: Well-known Destiny YouTuber shares glitch methods for Catalyst.
  • Catalyst Benefits: Improves Telesto’s damage and ammo capacity significantly, enhancing gameplay.

Telesto catalyst gives the weapon a nice boost; it is one of the more difficult Catalysts to find. In the end, Telesto is probably worth it, but you should know what you’re getting yourself into. Find out what the Catalyst performs and where to find it. A Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2, Telesto has received a significant upgrade in Season of the Chosen. Even after years of nerfs, it remains one of the most powerful fusion rifles in the game, if not the most powerful.

What It Is & Does?

Telesto provides a single perk, and it only has one benefit. Pockets that are deeper allow you to carry more ammo in a single hand. For those who are familiar with Telesto, this is a welcome addition. Telesto is already a formidable short-range weapon that fires homing projectiles that cause a secondary Void explosion when they hit their target. It has perks that allow the player to reload their gun automatically.

Where Can I Find It?

Catalyst’s prolonged clip allows users to keep up a constant stream of energy blasts and void explosions for longer. In this case, it’s possible to get into trouble. A Catalyst can be obtained in one of two ways:

  • Lost Sectors that are Legendary
  • Time to master the Lost Sectors

Gameworld as Lost Sectors:

Daily dungeons emerge in the game world as Lost Sectors. Typically, they’ve been spotted in Europa and Commodore, but they’re not limited to those locations. Daily, they rotate out of their current positions and modify the layout and enemies inside. Lost Sector players must complete two requirements to gain entry. It means you should have a power level of 1,250

Completing the Lost Sector in its standard form:

It’s recommended that the player have a level of 1,250 or higher level, but attaining the maximum 1,310 isn’t necessary. You can see where these lost sectors will appear till the end of the Chosen Season.

Upgrading in Catalyst:

It’s time to grab what you need from Raids, Strikes, and open-world areas before they’re gone. For example, the Catalyst is one such thing. This Catalyst will give your Telesto Exotic Fusion Rifle a little more power due to the increased ammunition capacity, while the weapon’s bubble-popping damage will become considerably more apparent as you’ll want to do it more.

How to earn the Catalyst in Destiny 2?

If you haven’t played Destiny 2 yet, it’s time to check it out. It means that different raids and strikes will be gone from the game for a long time after the new material is released so if you’re in the mood to cultivate. Unfortunately, the Catalyst in Destiny 2 must be obtained during the Crimson Catalyst Eater of Worlds raid. It means you’ll need a complete Raid team for the “Ring Chest.”

Get Telesto:

In Destiny 2, the Telesto is supposed to be redeemed once players have completed the Prestige Eater of Worlds assault. Because it’s a six-part offensive, players must choose their teammates wisely. Despite this, there is a way to get around it. As an alternative, players can make their way to the ring chest and then snag their reward there. Watch the video below to see how to cultivate the Catalyst in Destiny 2 thoroughly.

Role of ‘Esoterikk,’ a well-known Destiny YouTuber:

‘Esoterikk,’ a well-known Destiny YouTuber, graciously provided the guide video. For the duration of the strike, participants must use a specific form and then glitch themselves onto Leviathan. In this way, a significant deal of content is avoided, and the assault is taken to its logical conclusion. Aside from the fact that this bug isn’t too straightforward, gamers should consider that a skilled player created this video.

Esoterikk’s video:

Playing hard is quite natural for a gamer to do. It should be done at least twice, if not more before you get as far as you can. Ensure that you watch Esoterikk’s video before Bungie releases a cure. Esoteric has a lot of experience with Destiny 2, so don’t worry if you have trouble following any of his approaches.

In Destiny 2, what do we need to know about the Telesto catalyzer?

Using this article, we’ll show that the damage caused by the blast is more significant and continues to exist. As a result, the ammo limit is more noticeable. Currently awaiting the Telesto impetus for our combination rifle, The Catalyst is a must. To get the ring chest in Destiny 2, you’ll need a synchronized Forge Polymer. The classic approach of getting into the Raid on your platform and finding the chest

Esoteric has a lot of experience with Destiny 2:

A YouTube user named Esoterickk has created the video above, which shows you the constructions and strategies you’ll need to glitch to the chest on your own. It brings up an important point. As they say, practice makes perfect. You’ll get there eventually, but you can always utilize an LFG to discover other people who are trying the same thing on your platform and get the chest the old-fashioned way.

What do you get with our Catalyst service if you use it?

  • For starters, we’ll get you a Telesto Exotic Fusion Rifle.
  • A Sagira Exotic Ghost Shell will obtain.
  • The Perfect Paradox will be yours if you complete all the Verses.
  • In addition, we’ll acquire you legendary loot.
  • All 10 Verses can take up to five days to complete.
  • Everything will be at your disposal during the boost.
  • We do not use any programs or bots in our services.
  • The “Appear Offline” feature ensures your privacy.
  • The service gives a 24-hour streaming connection.


In this guide, we’ll go over how to get the Telesto impetus in more detail. After that, we’ll get to the substance, which will be introduced below. When Beyond Light launches in September, there’s a good chance that the Catalyst will be transferred to a new drop-point, so if you want to have faith in Bungie, you may wait and get it from the new spot when Beyond Light launches. So, no matter what type of Guardian you are, this video should help you get there.

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