Is there anything unique or unusual about this card?

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Key Takeaways

  • Symbolic Design: “Ten Thousand Dragon” embodies the universe’s complexity based on superstring theory.
  • Intricate Artwork: The card’s design features parallel lines and meticulous hatching techniques.
  • Conceptual Representation: “Ten Thousand Dragon” represents the future development of the OCG.
  • Historical Significance: Derived from “Chaos Emperor Dragon,” it revolutionized the Dueling Scene.
  • Artistic Vision: The designer aimed for a memorable artwork reflecting OCG’s evolution.

“Ten Thousand Dragon’s” magnificent golden dragon and surrounding cosmos are based on the “superstring theory,” which holds that everything in the universe is made up of tiny strings. The design of “Ten Thousand Dragon,” based on the vast “superstring theory,” may serve as a metaphor for the future development of the “OCG.”

Line Drawing of the Cosmos with the Back:

Look closely at the cosmos coming out of the “Ten Thousand Dragon” mouth, and you’ll see that parallel lines are used to create the edges. Hatching is the term for what we’re doing here. The stance of “Ten Thousand Dragon” seems to indicate that despite its use of strings to pull multiple universes, it contains inside one OCG card.

Pen inside the Body Armor:

In the “superstring theory,” on which the design is predicating, the string is critical (line). “Ten Thousand Dragon” is covered with “pens” to convey the idea of sketching that line. The beautiful and intriguing tale of “Ten Thousand Dragon” functioning as a pen and drawing the lines that overlap from the “OCG” universe may see with just this one picture.

Controller of Chaos:

“Ten Thousand Dragon” was based on the 2003 game “Controller of Chaos” called “Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End.” As soon as it was launched, Chaos Emperor Dragon revolutionized the Dueling Scene, garnering acclaim from a wide range of players. It is a monster that cannot ignore while discussing the “OCG’s” history.

Comparison of the two monsters’:

Comparison of the two monsters’ postures reveals that while being opposite in every way, their neck curvature, wingspan, and fundamental posture are very similar—even down to the smallest of details like their horns or claws. The monster that started the “OCG” period is making a comeback after a long absence due to the commemorative set of 10000 cards. In every way, “Ten Thousand Dragon” is a magnificent card, representing the rich history of the “OCG.”

Is there anything unique or unusual about this card?

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Community is no stranger to the pursuit of’max rarity’ cards. The Collector’s Rares in Toon Chaos make the set almost challenging to locate in local shops thanks to the Starlight Rares. However, only a tiny percentage of these cards ever make it to the $1,000 mark, and even fewer have started at that price during Battles of Legend. Watch Doug’s video to see why this card is so significant and how it’s altering how we think about pursuit cards.

Deck of ten thousand playing cards:

Konami has finally achieved 10,000 cards in the Trading Card Game (TCG) with this collection, the second significant milestone. With its introduction in the Trading Card Game, the Ten Thousand Dragon is a Level 10 dragon summons by sending monsters.

Fossil-Excavation Methods:

For damage calculations to swap the ATK and DEF of the monster it’s fighting; you must first summon Fossil Dragon Skullgios using Fossil Fusion. It does piercing, and all of the damage it does while battling is doubled. Fossil Dragon Skullgios is a Rock Monster Fusion. To summon the Fossil Dragon Skullgar, use Fossil Fusion first. It has to pierce and can banish itself from the graveyard to find another Fossil Fusion. Fossil Dragon Skullgar is a fusion of a Rock Monster.

The Revolt of the Appliances:

If you have an Appliance in your deck, the Appliance Laundry Dragon is the Link-1 version of that card. It has an Up arrow, protects you from battle damage, and allows you to banish the opponent’s monster. It battles once per turn after damage calculation. When it isn’t linked in damage calculation, you can destroy the opponent’s monster it fights and deal damage equal to their monster’s original ATK. Once each turn, Appliance Dryer Drake gets 1000 ATK when connected to any other Appliance during your Battle Phase.

Dark Spell Regeneration:

Those not included in archetypes or Ten Thousand Dragon are now up for grabs.  When you Special Summon the Winged Dragon of Ra from your grave, it ignores the summoning.

Reprints to Keep an Eye Out For:

Dragons from the last four Jump Promos and the previous YCS Prize Card are reprinted here, including Darkness Metal, Dragon of Dark Steel; Trishula, Dragon of Ice Imprisonment; Judgment, Dragon of Heaven; Dark Armed, Dragon of Annihilation; and Chaos Emperor, Dragon of Armageddon. Book of Moon is included as a third foil choice now that it has returned to the original edition’s edition limit of three. Finally, we’ve reached the part when reprints will discuss.

Designer’s Remarks!

I created the artwork for the “Ten Thousand Dragon” card, which commemorates the publication of 10,000 different “OCG” collectible cards. I decided to utilize the “Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End” since it was initially from the “OCG,” but matches the original manga’s aesthetic. It has been in the anime as well. This card’s pivotal junction as a memory with the phrase “one ending is the next beginning” was my goal when I flipped its orientation to “Chaos Emperor Dragon.”


Overall, apart from Hero’s Revenge, this is the most incredible collection of new cards we’ve received from the Battles of Legend series. Numerous cards are likely to be used in a variety of ways coming forward. Fossil Warrior Skull Knight may use in certain Rock Decks and Drama variations because of Fossil. Appliances are a great way to introduce some humor into a situation. With the help of the Malefic Paradigm Dragon, we were able to get some new cards.

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