12 Helpful Tips For Doing Texas Road Name Change Leads To Confusion

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Key Takeaways

  • GPS reliance raises challenges with road changes and renaming.
  • “Menchaca Road” replaces “Manchaca” for historical accuracy in Texas.
  • Austin spends $23,000 replacing 143 signs for the renaming.
  • Lawsuit against renaming dismissed; opponents argue minor significance.
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More than ever, drivers rely on GPS and mobile mapping services, but what happens when new roads are built or old routes are renamed? The best way to avoid serious miscalculations and rerouting is to be informed. For those in the South Austin region, this is old news, but for the rest of Texas Road Name Change, be aware: one gives the name of Texas Road Name Change marking has had its name changed to reflect the correct spelling of a Texas Revolutionary War warrior. If you travel here, you’ll notice the difference between what is now known as “Menchaca Road” and establishments that use the name “Manchaca.”

Examples of road markings, what is road marking?

The Manchaca Business Association filed a lawsuit to prevent the city from changing its name owing to insufficient notice, but it was dismissed by State District Judge Dustin Howell. Aside from the expense of name changes for small enterprises, opponents argue that this is a minor issue in comparison to “homelessness, infrastructure, and affordability.”

Regardless, the city went on, and the City of Austin Transportation Department reports that 143 signs would be replaced, at a cost of roughly $23,000 in fabrication and installation fees. Larger signage along highways will not be updated until the next scheduled service date.

How to find the history of a street name?

Following the research of retired District Court Judge Bob Perkins, Austin City Council Member Sabino “Pio” Renteria proposed renaming the route after José Antonio Menchaca, a Texas Road Name Change rebel who fought at the Battle of San Jacinto.

The mistake was originally discovered in wartime records and is thought to have spread from there. Those opposed to the change argue that the route was called after a Choctaw term (imashaka, which means “behind it” or “to the back”), two different Louisiana bayous, or a family with the surname Manchaca who resided in the area. What are your thoughts on the change?

Texas Road Name Change

These days, more than ever, motorists rely on GPS and mobile mapping services; however, what happens when roads are added or names are changed? Only those who are well-informed can hope to avoid making crucial adjustments or changing their course.

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