Who exactly is Thomas McDonell?

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Key Takeaways

  • Early Life and Birth: Thomas Hunter Campbell McDonell was born on May 2, 1986, in New York City.
  • Family Background: His parents, Terry McDonell and Joan Raffeld, have diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Education and Athletic Pursuits: McDonell attended a boarding school in Massachusetts, where he excelled academically and in drama.
  • Acting and Musical Career: He gained fame as Finn Collins in the TV series “The 100” and is a member of the band Moon.
  • Multifaceted Creative: McDonell is not only an actor but also a musician, visual artist, and director.

In New York City on May 2, 1986, Thomas Hunter Campbell McDonell was born as a boy. Thomas most recently appeared with Eliza Taylor as Finn Collins in the dystopian drama The 100 on The CW. Thomas is an actor and a musician. As a member of Moon, he performs the lead guitar and leads vocals. In the CW’s comment series The 100, he was best known as Finn Collins.

Thomas Mcdonell’s parents:

In Manhattan, New York, Terry McDonell, and Joan Raffeld welcomed a son on May 2, 1986, who was named Thomas Hunter Campbell McDonell. His father, a former editor at ‘Time Inc. Sport Team,’ had Scottish and Swedish background. His mother comes from a long line of Jewish immigrants from Poland and Lithuania.

Brother of Thomas McDonell:

His older brother, Nick McDonell, is also a writer, following their mother’s footsteps. Nick has had positions as diverse as reporter and author to screenplay and producer to the researcher throughout his career.


McDonell was educated in a boarding school in Andover, Massachusetts. He first encountered acting while working there. They excelled academically as well as in drama and acting during his time in school. He was also a hockey player. On the other hand, McDonell was forced to stop participating in athletics after suffering a serious leg injury in eighth grade.

Who exactly is Thomas McDonell?

He is also a singer and visual artist featured in films and television shows in the United States. He is best known as ‘Finn Collins’ in the current American post-apocalyptic science-fiction drama ‘The 100.’ He has also starred in recurring roles on shows such as ‘Suburgatory,’ ‘The Long Road Home,’ and ‘Law & Order: Actual Malice,’ as well as one-off episodes of ‘LA to Vegas,’ and ‘Good Girls.’


McDonell starred opposite Eliza Taylor as Finn Collins in The 100, Jackie Chan and Jet Li in The Forbidden Kingdom, and Chace Harris as Clarke Griffin in Twelve. In the 2011 adolescent drama Prom, McDonell plays Jesse Richter with Aimee Teegarden. He is a member of the band who not only sings guitar but also plays synthesizers and drums.

The number of exhibitions is:

He’s organized and curated several exhibitions worldwide, the most well-known of which is the tunnel display at Los Angeles’ historic Southwest Museum. He has made monochrome painting and video art exhibitions at Best Buy in New York and the ArcLight cinema in Hollywood.

 Fashion Editorials with a Conceptual Slant:

In addition to appearing in online and physical publications such as Maria Journal, Buffalo Zine, Teen Vogue, and F Magazine, she has conceptual and photo fashion editorials published in print and online magazines such as Maria Journal, Buffalo Zine, Teen Vogue, and Magazine F.

The Forbidden Kingdom:

He, on the other hand, is no stranger to the big screen. The actor co-starred in the blockbuster movie “The Golden Kingdom” with Jackie Chan and Jet Li,” an American-Chinese fantasy action film. He was in ‘Twelve,’ an American-French action film with Chace Crawford as the star. In the American teen drama “Prom,” he landed the role of “Jesse Richter.” The Devil’s Hand and Fun Size are among the other films in which he has appeared.

Artwork of Thomas McDonell in galleries:

McDonell’s work has been exhibited in galleries worldwide. It has hosted a tunnel exhibition at the historic Southwest Museum in Los Angeles, a video art exhibition at New York’s Best Buy, and a monochrome painting exhibition at the Film Complex. ArcLight Hollywood. The Marfa Journal, Buffalo Zine, Teen Vogue, and F Magazine have published editorials and creative fashion images.

Church musicals:

He has performed in church musicals every week since he was a child. He also appeared in small-town theater productions. He majored in drama at ‘New York University,’ where he studied fine arts.

Life outside of work:

When he was a teen, Thomas worked with artist Ashley Bickerton in Indonesia. Jane Levy, an American actress, is Thomas’ girlfriend. In 2011, they started dating. He’s on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, among other places. Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, is where he currently resides.

Thomas McDonell’s Net worth:

Thomas has an estimated $2 million in wealth. His work as an actor and musician is just one of several ways he makes a living. His income comes from his profession as a photographer and visual artist. However, there are no official reports or specifics on his current financial situation. Thus his actual worth and fortune may differ.


In Suburgatory, he played Tessa’s boyfriend, Scott Strauss. In addition to being the band’s singer and guitarist, he also plays keyboards and drums. McDonell’s work as a visual artist has been shown around the world. He has also curated several exhibitions, including a gallery show at the historic Southwest Museum in Los Angeles and an in-store video art installation. Best Buy in New York City.

Facts about Thomas McDonell:

He was a shy boy growing up and never considered a career in performing. Young Southie made his feature film debut as Young Southie in The Forbidden Kingdom, a 2008 Foreign fantasy kung fu wuxia film featuring Danny Chan, Jet Li, Liu Yifei, Michael Angarano, and others. As Eddie Boyle, Thomas McDonell first appeared on television in Law & Order: Criminal Intent’s Broad Channel episode in April 2010. His Surrender (Prom version) by Neon Trees was included in a music video in 2011.

Thomas as Director on films:

Fans were ecstatic when Thomas McDonell co-starred as Trevor in the 2014 slasher flick Where the Satan Hides. He has directed films such as The Flying Carson’s: Part 1 – Hunter and also acts. It co-starred in The 100, a post-apocalyptic science fiction TV show, alongside Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Eli Goree, Marie Avgeropouloas, Bob Morley, and Kelly Hu. From 2014 to 2015, he portrayed Finn Collin in The 100.

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