How can I get Rocket League’s DLC vehicles?

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Titanium white octane: It’s not enough to hammer your opponent with a goal after goal. You must also do it elegantly! You’ll be sure to turn heads in the Rocket League arena if you drive one of the sport’s sexiest vehicles. So don’t hesitate any longer; the best Rocket League automobile money can buy right here at Player Auctions, ready for you to purchase. For a quick start of Titanium White Octane, follow these simple instructions:

Import Companies for Rocket League:

Although crates are an alternative for acquiring import bodies, the trading system outperforms it. Rocket League players will have to exchange five scarce things to do so. Players can trade the entire range of import trade bodies. Thus it’s not uncommon to see them change hands, just as it’s not uncommon for players to make offers on the most sought-after bodies.

Octane is one of the Rocket Leagues:

The Octane is one of Rocket League’s most recognizable and coveted cars, and for a good reason. Titanium White, however, is the most sought-after of all the color options. People are eager to pay a lot of money to drive this baby around the stadium, evidenced by the current going rate of almost 8000 credits.


Since its first release in 2015 as a part of the Supersonic Fury DLC Pack, it has developed a devoted following among fans of the Rocket League. Because of his boxy appearance, this bad boy has been known to send many a soccer ball flying directly into the goal.


Despite being published three years ago, this Lamborghini-inspired war automobile is still relevant today. PlayerAuctions now sells the sleek beauty that was previously only accessible through the Turbo Crate.

How can I get Rocket League’s DLC vehicles?

Playing Rocket League, a game centered on style and panache, is pointless if you’re only using the game’s default battle cars. That’s why DLC vehicles are so popular with gamers. To get your hands on one, check out PlayerAuctions’ deals page, where you’ll find all the best DLC vehicles for the lowest possible costs.

In Rocket League, where can I find titanium white octane?

The Titanium White Octane is by far the most popular of Rocket League’s vehicle bodies, and it’s not hard to see why. This body type has become one of the most elusive and expensive cosmetic goods in the Rocket League. The automobile has a market value of between 22,000 and 28,000 Rocket League points. It’s one of the most costly vehicles in the game regardless of platform, but pricing varies depending on the forum.

Titanium White Octane costs a lot of money.

The Octane is the most sought-after vehicle in the game, and Titanium White is the most wanted color. As a result, the Titanium White Octane car body style is one of the most expensive and most sought-after in the game. Other elements are at work in this scenario. This highly sought-after combo is extremely tough to achieve because it cannot obtain from blueprints or the in-game Rocket League Item Shop.

To obtain Titanium White Octane:

With so few means to purchase this car body, it quickly became one of the most expensive items in the game. Drops of this item are possible, but they are so infrequent that relying on this method to earn the article will almost always lead to disappointment. Because of this, you don’t have to buy the beautiful Titanium White Octane automobile outright to wow your friends with it.

Method 1: Trade in defective goods:

Using the built-in trading system, up to five items of the same quality can exchange for one better grade. After upgrading to Import and Exotic qualities, players have a better chance of getting hold of the Titanium White Octane. Items can be “traded up” as well. The Octane car can obtain by exchanging an undesired Import for another unwanted Import of equal value, such as the Octane car.

Method #2: Purchasing it through a Third-Party Vendor:

Even while purchasing the Titanium White Octane sounds “extreme,” it is the best way to ensure you receive the item. For the most part, Rocket League buys and sells websites that let you purchase the highly sought-after and incredibly uncommon automobile. Fennec can purchase at RL. Exchange for the best price, in our opinion. We’ve even got a coupon code for you.

Step 1: Go to RL. Exchange to get started.

Step 2:  Look for “titanium white octane” in the part where you buy things.

Step 3: Click on “Add to Cart” to begin your purchase.

Step 4: Decide on a payment strategy.

Step 5: To receive a 3 percent discount, use the code “TGG.”

Step 6: There are a variety of delivery techniques available.

Step 7: Be patient for a while.

Step 8: You should receive a trade request for your product.

Step 9: Trade

Purchasing popular things in this manner usually entails paying slightly more than the estimated market price worth. It does, however, allow you to quickly and easily obtain the item.

Method #3: Trade with other players:

When attempting to obtain a specific item, trading with other players is a viable alternative. Rocket League offers a vibrant trade community where you may meet trading partners in-game, on Reddit, Discord, in the RL Garage, on Steam, and elsewhere. Trading Titanium White Octane directly with other players might earn you some excellent deals, but some people may ask a lot more in return.

Alternative techniques to using Titanium White Octane:

If you prefer to go the natural method, you will have to play the game for a long time before getting the Titanium White Octane. An unusual automobile body, for example, might be given away in community giveaways and events. A wise rule of thumb is never to give away anything of value, especially something as valuable as the Titanium White Octane.


An automobile body painted in Titanium White Octane is widely sought after just because it looks good. As a result of its high demand, this is one of the Rocket League’s most expensive products. You won’t improve your game by purchasing the Titanium White Octane, but you will look way more relaxed than the average Rocket League player. A flood of messages asking you about the game and making trade offers may follow after you utilize the car in public games.

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