Top Bottled Water Brands in The World

Bottled Water Brands are businesses that sell packaged potable water. These brands offer still, effervescent, flavored, and mineral bottled water.  The convenience of bottled water has made it a necessity in our existence. It’s a go-to drink for many people because it’s simple, transportable, and accessible. It cannot be easy to narrow down your options for Bottled Water Brands when there are so many on the market. The price, mineral composition, and origin of various brands vary widely.

Not all Bottled Water is the same; some companies get their water from sources, while others are filtered or have nutrients added. Concerns about the environmental effect of Bottled Water’s rising appeal have prompted the development of “green” water companies that use renewable resources and energy-efficient manufacturing processes. This article will examine the most well-known Bottled Water Brands, looking at what differentiates them from the competition.

Why Do We Need Bottled Water Brands?

Water that has been bottled and sold by Bottled Water Brands can be transported easily and comes in a wide range of sizes and flavors. Depending on the make and model, mineral water can be derived from natural sources, filtered, or contain additional minerals. You can buy bottled water in quantities ranging from single-serving to multi-gallon containers. It can be found in supermarkets, gas stations, and snack dispensers. Bottled Water Brands are portable but may harm the environment. Bottled Water Brand’s production increases greenhouse gases and plastic waste.

Do you prefer tap or bottled water?

Instead of sodas, energy drinks, or alcoholic beverages, bottled water can be a healthy choice. Whether Bottled Water is better for you than public water relies on several variables, and the debate continues. Therefore, bottled water may be best. Many bottled drinks are purified tap water. They may also have beneficial nutrients or fluids added to them. While convenient, Bottled Water can negatively affect the ecosystem due to the plastic vessels used in bottling and transporting the water.

1: Aquafina

PepsiCo owns and distributes the famous Aquafina brand of Bottled Water in the United States. The company’s flagship brand has existed since 1994, and its Bottled Water is now ubiquitous.

Aquafina undergoes a multi-step purifying procedure that includes reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and ozonation to achieve its signature clear and refreshing flavor. Using repurposed PET plastic in its bottles and working with groups to encourage recycling are just two examples of Aquafina’s efforts to minimize its environmental effect and demonstrate its dedication to sustainability.

2: Dasani

The Coca-Cola Company owns the famous Dasani brand of Bottled Water in the United States. When it hit shelves in 1999, it was an instant hit thanks to its refreshing flavor and modern design.

Reverse osmosis and filtering through activated carbon are just two steps in the exhaustive purifying process used to produce Dasani, which also removes elements. The company sells still and carbonated water in multiple quantities and varieties, such as lemon, raspberry, and strawberry.

3: Glaceau Smartwater

One of the best-known brands of Bottled Water is Glaceau Smartwater. Since it is vapor-distilled and includes minerals for flavor, it is promoted as a “smarter” option to normal Bottled Water. The Coca-Cola Company owns the trademark in still and carbonated forms.

Glaceau Smartwater is promoted towards health-conscious customers looking for a high-quality, pleasant beverage and is offered in a tall, slender container with a blue logo. The product is widely available at supermarkets, gas stations, retail shops, and vending machines.

4: Ozarka

The excellent quality and pleasant flavor of Ozarka drinking water have made it a best-seller in the United States. Nestle Waters North America produces the name, which comes from aquifers in Texas. Still, effervescent and sweetened water are just some of the Bottled Water choices available from Ozarka.

The company takes great pleasure in its eco-friendly practices, such as using only repurposed plastic vessels. You can buy Ozarka at any supermarket, gas station, or internet shop in the United States.

5: Penta Water

Penta Water is a high-end Bottled Water brand revered for its superior purity and pH stability. The water goes through a 13-step purifying procedure developed by the company, including reverse osmosis, UV light, and ozone treatment to eliminate harmful substances. Electrolytes are added to Penta Water to improve its flavor and ability to keep you hydrated. The brand, packaged in an easily recognizable cylinder container, targets health-conscious shoppers and athletes searching for a premium, performance-boosting beverage.

6: Eternal Water

The luxury Bottled Water brand Eternal Water is known for its naturally alkaline composition and refreshing flavor. Eternal Water comes from a secure underground reservoir, and it’s naturally purified through layers of igneous rock, so you know it will be pure and taste great.

The company is committed to sustainability and environmental duty, so they package their still and effervescent water in recyclable, BPA-free vessels. With its revitalizing flavor and dedication to quality, Eternal Water has quickly become a choice among health-conscious customers nationwide.

7: Deer Park Natural SpringWater

The water in Deer Park, which comes from an Appalachian creek, has a unique chemical makeup and taste because it has been naturally filtered through rocks and silt.   The company still sells carbonated water in various container sizes, all manufactured from 100% post-consumer repurposed plastic. Deer Park, Natural Spring Water, is a favorite of environmentally aware, discerning customers because of its dedication to responsible water management and long-term viability.

8: Crystal Geyser Natural Alpine Spring Water

The water for the American Bottled Water brand Crystal Geyser Natural Mountain Spring Water comes from pristine mountain streams that have been hand-picked. The company takes great pleasure in its dedication to quality and cleanliness. It uses a stringent filtering process to guarantee that each container contains nothing but the purest, most refreshing water. Bottles of Crystal Geysers can be purchased in various sizes, from single-serve to multi-bottle sets.

9: Zephyrhills

For over 50 years, Americans have turned to Zephyrhills for its delicious, unadulterated drinking water. The water comes from a natural reservoir beneath the community of Zephyrhills, Florida, hence the brand name. Still, effervescent and sweetened water is available from Zephyrhills, a company dedicated to ecology through its use of recyclable containers and collaboration with The Nature Conservancy. Customers all over the country love the brand because of its sharp and refreshing flavor.

10: Ice Mountain Natural Spring Water

Ice Mountain, Natural Spring Water, is a famous American Bottled Water brand that gets water from Great Lakes-area streams. The company’s mission includes caring for the earth while supplying clients with clean, pleasant water. To lessen its impact on the environment, Ice Mountain collaborates with community groups and employs eco-friendly, lightweight packing. The water’s natural filtration through sand and gravel gives it a refreshing flavor without added chemicals.

11: Arrowhead Mountain SpringWater

Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water gets its water from western US mountain sources. Water’s natural filtration through sediment and gravel gives it a clean, refreshing flavor without chemicals or artificial ingredients. Still, effervescent and sweetened water are some options for Bottled Water from Arrowhead. They even have a brand of electrolyte-enhanced water for sports and fitness enthusiasts. The company has made a commitment to environmental friendliness through the use of eco-friendly containers.

12: Lifewater

In the United States, the Bottled Water brand Lifewater features various still, effervescent, and improved water options. The company’s water comes from a natural reservoir far below the earth’s surface. After going through a six-step purification procedure, you can rest assured that every container contains pure, pleasant water. As part of its mission to give back, Lifewater collaborates with other nonprofits to bring safe drinking water and cleaning services to communities in need around the globe.

13: Ethos Water

American company Ethos Water was established in 2002 to bring safe drinking water to communities in underdeveloped regions by selling its Bottled Water. Since acquiring the company, Starbucks has used some of its wealth to fund global efforts to improve access to clean water, sanitation, and cleanliness through the Starbucks Foundation. Ethos Water is filtered several times to guarantee its cleanliness and comes from local water systems in the United States.

14: Mountain Valley Spring Water

For more than 140 years, American families have relied on the clean and natural spring water from Mountain Valley Spring Water, a famous Bottled Water company. The water’s native elements give it a distinctive flavor, and the stream it originates from is protected in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. It is packaged in glass or BPA-free plastic to maintain the water’s high standards. There is a wide selection of quantities and types of containers for Mountain Valley Spring Water, including carbonated and sweetened varieties.

15: La Croix

The United States is home to many different brands of Bottled Water, but one of the most well-known is La Croix. The company’s headquarters have been in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, since its inception in 1980. Unique and delicious tastes like citrus, lime, and coconut give La Croix’s effervescent water its reputation. The company has seen significant growth in recent years thanks to the increasing demand from health-conscious shoppers seeking alternatives to unhealthy beverages.


Bottled Water is a well-liked and practical choice for individuals who desire access to clean, drinkable water while on the go. It can be derived from natural sources, or it can be filtered, and it is available in a wide diversity of forms and sizes. Even though it has its advantages, it is essential to take into account the effect that Bottled Water has on the environment and to search for alternatives that are more environmentally friendly.