How did Toya Todoroki become Dabi?

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Key Takeaways

  • Dabi (Toya Todoroki): Complex Antagonist of My Hero Academia: Member of the League of Villains and Paranormal Liberation Front.
  • Distinct Appearance: Tall, pale with scarlet streaks, adorned with purple burn scars.
  • Powerful Quirk and Tactics: Master of blue flames, skilled in psychological warfare, and strategic combat.
  • Endurance and Abilities: Can withstand cold, possesses acute perceptiveness, and employs Cremation and Embrace Prominence attacks.
  • Tragic Past and Ambitions: Once aspired to be a hero, but now seeks revenge against his family.

Toya todoroki: Dabi, whose true name is Toya Todoroki, is a key antagonist from My Hero Academia. He’s a League of Villains member and a former member of the Vanguard Action Squad, dissolved whenever the League of Villains was created. In the Forest Training Camp Arc, they are the major adversaries. In the Pro Hero storyline, he also portrays an antagonist. He eventually joined the Paranormal Liberation Front, founded from the ashes of the League and the Meta Revolutionary Army, as one of its nine lieutenants.


Toya Todoroki is believed to be in his early twenties. He’s a tall, pallid young man with a slender, lean physique. His crown of white hair, which spikes up to about his head and falls low over his small, turquoise-coloured eyes, is adorned with a few scarlet streaks. Before he was revealed to be who he claimed to be, his hair was cultivated black. Dabi is currently in the leadership of the “Vanguard Action Guerilla Warfare Regiment: Violet,” of which he is a member.

Purple patches of gnarled:

The purple burn scars since when he lost all control on his blaze cover his lower face and neck, all the way down to his clavicle, just underneath his eyes, and all over his torso, limbs, and legs. His peculiarities as a kid were the most distinguishing characteristics of him. These purple spots are one of his most distinguishing features. According to what we can tell, many primitive surgical staples or hoop piercings are holding them to his skin.

The e

ar is pierced with silver cartilage:

The right side of his nose is pierced three times, the right ear is pierced with silver cartilage, and both ears are pierced. A closer look reveals that he appears to be devoid of earlobes on both sides of his ears. His first outing outfits are a dark blue ripped jacket and matching slacks; they’re both cut off just above the ankles, with dark dress shoes as footwear.


His hair was crimson as a youngster, but it gradually became white due to inheriting his mother’s genes. Toya was born with a wide face and untamed red hair. A basic Gakuran jacket completed his look. As evidenced by the images of him, he usually had a neutral expression on his face. Premature delivery made him shorter than his two younger siblings.

Darker blue coat:

An older, darker blue jacket has taken the place of his previous, lighter one. It has white stitching patterns on both arms, and the hem is frayed so that it falls below his knees. Instead of wearing the same shirt and belt as before, he dons some baggy dark-coloured slacks and a pair of black boots.

Paranormal Liberation Front:

The Paranormal Liberation Front forms, and Dabi is one of the nine lieutenants. He gets a new outfit around the time of the establishment. Toya Todoroki is dressed in a dark blue coat with white cuffs, similar to the one he had on before.


In his early years, Toya was a loud and enthusiastic boy who aspired to learn as much as possible from his father. Toya’s father Enji had insisted for as long as he could remember that he would be the one to overtake All Might, and so Toya grew up determined to fulfil his father’s dream of becoming the next number one.

Across-the-Board Capabilities:

Because of early training by his dad, Endeavour, and his efforts, Dabi is one of the Vanguard Action Squad’s best members and the group’s de facto leader. Toya Todorokican rapidly established himself as a ruthless criminal and mass murderer after committing over thirty deaths. Dabi has a good hold on his powerful but possibly deadly Quirk, which allows him to control his tremendously powerful blue flames and move over large distances.

Majority of Dabi’s battles:

Most of Dabi’s battles take place at a distance when he uses fireballs, flamethrowers, and burst assaults. His primary method of attack is to overwhelm his opponents with the power of his Quirk.

Father and siblings of Toya Todoroki:

Like his father and siblings, Dabi can fly and hover in the air thanks to his Quirk finesse. With his father’s Flashfire Fist methods, Toya Todoroki defeated Shoto in the Paranormal Liberation. Dabi had such a huge advantage over Shoto that he could hold back and defeat him with a single Jet Burn while remaining unharmed.

Improved Endurance:

Despite his unkempt appearance and flaws in his Quirk, Dabi is a capable fighter who can hold his own against opponents who are likely to inflict severe damage. When Dabi’s volatile Quirk begins to wear away at his body from abuse, he fights and uses it, as usual, oblivious to the danger of self-immolation he faces.

The ability to withstand the effects of cold:

Dabi’s mother gave him the ability to withstand cold or ice-based attacks, which he inherited. It gave Dabi the upper hand when he was battling Get.

Acute Perceptiveness:

Having sound judgement, Dabi is a wise individual who is always on the lookout for the motives or flaws of those around him. While in battle, Toya Todorokican is renowned for psychologically entangling his opponents by questioning their motives and morals. Because Dabi’s flames are feeble and can harm his own body over time, this is purely a tactical move to buy him some time.


Dabi’s Quirk causes him to erupt from within his body in a torrent of angry blue flames. He’s learned the technique of flame control to a high degree, and he can do it from afar and in large amounts. Dabi’s Hellflame Quirk exposes him to stronger flames than his father can summon with the Hellflame Quirk. Inheriting his mother’s ability to withstand freezing weather, Dabi’s body can only hold so very many flames at once.

Embrace Prominence:

Toya Todorokican uses this move to unleash an incredibly powerful and focused beam of fire from each part of his body, obliterating his opponent in the process. When Dabi got going to use this tactic on Endeavor, Best Jeans rushed in to save the day.

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