How to Cope With a Truck Accident in St. Louis?

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The busy streets of St. Louis witness truck accidents all around the year, which shape the city’s traffic landscape. Considering the heavy weight and huge size of the trucks, a crash can severely injure the city’s pedestrians and other vehicle owners. The frequency of accidents doesn’t just impact the transportation flow but also the overall well-being and safety of those involved in the crash.

In September 2023, Fox2Now reported about an Amazon delivery truck being involved in a crash. The crash took place at midnight and involved two cars and a tractor-trailer. Additionally, CDLLIFE shared in February 2024 the account of a pileup crash that shut down a section of 1-70 in Warren County.

According to the Warren County Emergency Management Agency, several vehicle collisions occur, and it becomes tough to keep track of the number of people who are injured. 

Hence, it is necessary to know how to cope with such a crash should you face one while you are in St. Louis. In this article, we will discuss this and how to get legal aid for it.

Truck Crash in St. Louis: Steps to Cope Up

A truck crash is bound to leave you with physical bruises and emotional trauma. That aside, when you have to pay for property damage, medical bills, ongoing treatment, and perhaps a new vehicle too, there will be financial stress as well.

Are you wondering how to manage this situation and cope up? If so, the following pointers can help:

Prioritize Your Safety

It’s natural to feel dazed for a while after a truck crash. It takes time to recollect what went wrong as those few seconds before a crash seems to be a blur. So, after the crash, take some time to calm down and ask for medical aid. Ideally, the first responders will provide you with the medical help that you need so that cuts and bruises can be addressed for the moment. Later you can check with a doctor.

Once that gets done, try to move your car and yourself to a safe area. That way, you isolate yourself from the accident scene and stop all chances of getting hurt or affected further. You can call the police station and share about the accident with them to do what is needed.

Tackle the Police Tactfully

When you are wounded and physically weak, it is challenging to act smart and wise. However, you still need to be tactful when you speak with the local police who arrive at the accident scene. Share with them the basic details of the accident, such as the date, time, and cause as much as you can fathom.

However, try not to over-share, as that can act against you in the long run. Don’t comment about anything or share any details that you aren’t certain about, as it can get you into trouble.

Contact a Lawyer

Crashes involving a truck can cause severe injuries, like fractures, ligament tears, sprains, back injuries, and more. That means there is a fair chance of you getting compensated by the court. 

But fighting the legal battle alone is not a wise decision because you don’t know how the legal systems work and the correct steps you need to take. Here, it is best to contact a St. Louis truck accident attorney who can provide you with the required guidance about filing a lawsuit.

Most lawyers offer a free consultation where they assess the situation at hand to decide whether an individual qualifies to file a legal claim. If they do, the lawyers update them on the formalities and ensure that they get the compensation they deserve.

Gather Crucial Evidence

The strength of a truck accident lawsuit depends on the evidence available to prove the crash occurred because of someone else’s negligence. Here, you need to gather proof against the at-fault party.

TorHoerman Law states that a lawyer is an expert in taking evidence that shows the at-fault party could have been inattentive. You can submit the proofs you have with you, which can range from your medical reports to accident scene pictures.

 You can also share images of your physical wounds and facts shared by the accident scene witnesses to make your legal case strong. It will add more authenticity to your case, and because of that, you will receive the settlement payout quickly.

Rest Up and Listen to Your Lawyer

The duration of your recovery will depend on the extent of your injury. Since no truck crash will lead to minor injuries, like small cuts and bruises, you must give time to your recovery. Take the required medicines and painkillers to reduce the body pain and rest up adequately to heal from within.

That aside, it is crucial that you listen to your lawyer. Don’t behave in a way that your compensation gets canceled. Never add any extra fact in your case that is not true. Additionally, don’t speak with the at-fault party’s insurance agent or lawyer as they can manipulate you to say things and use it against you.

Also, show up for the court trials as that will help to keep a favorable reputation. It will ensure you get the compensation fast to cover all the economic and non-economic damages you’ve endured.

In conclusion, a truck accident is challenging, as it can cause property damage, severe wounds, financial loss, and mental trauma. Since St. Louis is infamous for its street accidents, you need to be more careful when you are driving on the city’s streets. It’s best if you can avoid an accident. But if you encounter one, it is necessary to seek the required medical and legal aid for a complete recovery.


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