Two bills drive Buffalo Bills News and Discussion.

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Key Takeaways

  • Crucial Momentum Swing: Buffalo Bills’ no-huddle drive turned the game, leading to pivotal touchdowns.
  • Defensive Standout: Tremaine Edmunds’ interception earned him AFC Defensive Player of the Week.
  • Offensive Struggles: Bills faced challenges in red zone, settling for field goals after strong drives.
  • Persistence Pays Off: Bills’ defense forced turnovers, maintaining pressure and securing key interceptions.
  • Buffalo’s Victory: Bills overcame initial challenges, securing a win against the Houston Texans.

After Washington had recovered from a 21-0 hole to reduce Buffalo’s advantage to 27-14, their touchdown two bills drive to begin the second half proved pivotal. The Bills went no-huddle from their 7-yard line and converted all three third-down chances they faced, including a third-and-5 from their 35-yard line. It’s the reality of the matter that we had several opportunities to make sure things happen on defense, but we failed to do so.

Force a turnover on downs:

The Bills’ defense came through massively in a crucial moment, as it frequently does. Because they kept the offense moving on 4th and 2, Jerry Hughes was in a great position to tip Davis Milles’s throw and force a turnover on downs. Houston chose to keep the offensive running on 4th & 2. On their second drive, the Bills attempted to use their ground game despite the torrential downpour.

First interception of the season:

For the two bills drive, the Texans began on Buffalo’s side of the field, but Buffalo’s defense stepped up again. With his first interception of the season, Tremaine Edmunds handed Buffalo the ball back. On the two bills drive, Allen’s arm relaxed, and he could complete a couple of passes with ease in the rain. Buffalo gained momentum as Devin Singletary, and Zack Moss took turns carrying the load.

Texans went three-and-out three times:

Using a pump fake on a safety, Allen started the scoring with a 25-yard touchdown throw to Dawson Knox over the middle. The Bills’ offense was hit-and-miss over the next several drives, but their defense was outstanding. Star Lotulelei and Boogie Basham both had sacks as the Texans went three-and-out three times. The Bills were forced to settle for field goals after two bills drive went downfield but sputtered in the red zone.

Zack Moss’ two runs yielded five yards:

The third quarter concluded with a fourth down and a field goal attempt that fell short of the goal line. After Zack Moss’ two runs yielded five yards, Josh Allen’s pass was fumbled, and the game went to a punt. The Texans took over on offense late in the first half but promptly handed the ball back to the Bills. With an assist from A.J. Klein on a tip, Micah Hyde made the team’s second interception of the game.

Devin Singletary’s 41-yard run:

The Bills went down to the Houston two-yard line on their next possession but failed to score. They were up 16-0 at the break when they scored one more field goal. The field goal celebration lasted beyond the halftime break. Although Devin Singletary’s 41-yard run was ruled back due to a penalty, Josh Allen and Zack Moss made up the ground to get the Bills back in the game’s decisive third quarter.

Ball out of a receiver’s hands:

Another successful Houston drive means another successful Houston defense. Cam Lewis knocked the ball out of a receiver’s hands on the second play, and A.J. Klein recovered it for the second turnover of the contest. The Bills added another touchdown with only four spaces left, and Dawson Knox caught his second touchdown of the game on a challenging play. The Bills began their third consecutive week of mass replacements with 11 minutes remaining in the game.

Picture-perfect interception:

The defense, on the other hand, remained persistent even with the addition of bench players. A picture-perfect interception halted another drive-by Jaquan Johnson. The Bears’ offense down the field by quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, who scored another touchdown to make it 40-0. The Bills improved to 3-1, reclaimed control of the AFC East, and are now gearing up for a confrontation with the Kansas City Chiefs next week.


As a result of his effort against the Houston Texans in Week 4 at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, Buffalo Bills linebacker Tremaine Edmunds has been awarded the AFC Defensive Player of the Week. In addition to his current team-leading 21 tackles this season, Edmunds racked up five more on Sunday, including an interception. The Bills’ offense scored a touchdown on the next possession, thanks to the interception.

AFC Defensive Player of the Week:

The Bills selected the middle linebacker in the NFL Draft with the 16th overall selection. Edmunds was acquired in a trade with the Baltimore Ravens by the Buffalo Bills. So, the Bills selected him in the second round behind quarterback Josh Allen. For the second time in as many weeks, Allen was named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week. Edmunds is the first defensive player in AFC history to win AFC Defensive Player of the Week.

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As a result of his effort against the Houston Texans in Week 4 at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, Buffalo Bills linebacker Tremaine Edmunds has been awarded the AFC Defensive Player of the Week. Edmunds, the two bills drive ‘ leading tackler so far this season with 21, had five tackles and an interception on Sunday. The Bills’ offense scored a touchdown on the next possession, thanks to the interception.

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