Water type pokemon carried in a backpack types and task

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Key Takeaways

  • “Pokemon Detective Pikachu collides with Pokemon GO in crossover event.”
  • “Water-type Pokemon carried in a backpack: Detective Pikachu-themed Field Research.”
  • “Shiny Aipom and movie-inspired challenges highlight Pokemon GO collaboration event.”
  • “Guide to capturing Pikachu and other water-types during Detective Pikachu event.”
  • “Exploring Shiny Magikarp rarity and strategies in Pokemon GO event.”

Water type pokemon carried in a backpack: It is the Pokemon Detective Pikachu and Pokemon GO crossover event challenge. Catch the water-type Pokemon carried in a backpack. There will be a crossover event between the live-action movie and hit augmented reality mobile game, The Pokemon Company and Niantic Labs announced Tuesday. The Shiny Aipom and movie-inspired Field Research challenges were among the highlights of the event. It’s one of those challenges to carry around a water-type Pokemon in a backpack.

Water type pokemon carried in a backpack Types:

Pikachu, a Pokemon of the water type, is carried in a backpack in the Pokemon Detective Pikachu-inspired Field Research challenge. Whoever wants to solve the problem on their own should turn away now because it’s not possible. To complete this Field Research, you’ll need Psyduck. A Magikarp encounter is a reward for completing the quest. Until then, the Pokemon Detective Pikachu/Pokemon GO crossover event will continue to be held.

Water type pokemon carried in a backpack guide:

Water type pokemon carried in a backpack GO Detective Pikachu movie celebration is underway. Niantic has released a water-type Pokemon carried in a backpack update that will last approximately one week to celebrate the movie’s release. The Detective Pikachu movie Pokemon will appear in raid battles, XP will be doubled, and there will be a special Field Research event. As well as Detective Pikachu, Shiny Aipom, and Ambipom are also available.

Field Research List for Detective Pikachu:

Each entry in this list was activated this week and will go dark on May 17th, at 4 PM Eastern. These Pokemon must capture before then. Pikachu, the water-type Pokémon carried in a backpack, must be captured. Seek out the seed Pokémon that is seen walking in the river by Detective Pikachu. 10 Jigglypuff, Aipom, or Snubbull. Detective Pikachu: Eevee evolves into a fire-type Pokémon (Flareon). Pokemon GO Water Festival has been identified.

Detailed research tasks:

Pokemon GO Water Festival tasks and Avatar Items have just leaked water-type Pokemon carried in a backpack. This leak comes just before the start of the Thousand-Year Slumber event in early September. Avatars’ new shirts and shoes will be available at the Water Festival, including team shirts for male and female avatars.

Barboach or Carvanha?

Shoes are Sandals, not Happi Coat. Users participating in the upcoming Pokemon GO Water Festival will find new Research Tasks to complete. For example, you can earn candy by walking with a Pokemon buddy of your choice. A certain number of water-type Pokemon must catch, and a certain number of Carvanha or Barboach must evolve. Besides hatching an unknown number of Pokemon eggs and winning a certain number of raids, other tasks include completing the Water Festival research tasks.

Tasks related to festival research include:

A Team GO Rocket Grunt has to be defeated, and you’ll need to take a bunch of Water-type Pokemon Snapshots. Charles, a leaker of Pokemon GO items for water-type Pokemon, carried in a backpack, posted the image above. All of these items can be removed from the latest Pokemon GO APK file using standard methods. Charles has already revealed a lot, and the most interesting not-yet-released images are all encoded.

The SHINY guide to the Water Festival:

Check out the Pokemon GO Water Festival SHINY guide posted to SlashGear earlier this week for more information. Everything is wet and near water, and the Water Biome is drenched. If a Pokemon wasn’t Shiny in the game this week, it could still be Shiny now. There is a chance that every Shiny Pokemon previously in the game can be found now, including Magikarp.

How to get Red Gyarados in Pokemon GO’s Water Event:

Pokeuniverse will never be the same after shiny Magikarp invades Pokemon GO. Red Gyarados, also known as Ruby Gyarados or Shiny Gyarados, is the Pokemon that attracts the most attention during the Pokemon GO Water Festival event for water-type Pokemon carried in a backpack that is currently taking place. This alternate-color Gyarados only comes from one place, a Shiny Magikarp.

1. Just Water Is Not Enough:

As part of a Water Festival, Water Type Pokemon will appear anywhere in the Pokemon GO universe. Pokemon can find almost anywhere. These types of places do exist. Magikarp can find almost anywhere that Pokemon usually are found. It is possible to capture a few hundred Magikarp during this event, especially if the user is willing to go for a walk. If you’re in an area with many Pokestops and Lures, standing still will also work.

2. Expectations relating to the rarity

Any user can find a Shiny Magikarp, but it isn’t peculiar. For Magikarp, at least, we suspect that Shiny Pokemon appearances as water-type Pokemon carried in a backpack will be more common than in previous games. Before the end of this week, or the middle of this week, don’t be surprised to see any Shiny Magikarp. Before Thursday has ended, this event comes to a close. As has happened in the past, Niantic may decide to extend the event’s duration and effects.

3. There is no mercy in grinding with no understanding.

Take advantage of the digital world that surrounds you by finding a way to grind Pokemon. A Shiny Magikarp can find walking, capturing Magikarp, and walking some more. Shiny Magikarp cannot be reliably located using a secret formula that has been scientifically proven. The chances of seeing the same Shiny Magikarp seem to be different for each individual of water-type Pokemon carried in a backpack.

4. Rumors of unique secret formulas have been circulating for years:

Water type pokemon carried in a backpack a Shiny Magikarp has yet to be tracked or caught with any particular methodology or trick. However, there’s no reason to believe that it can’t. Use a Lure on a Pokestop in an area where Water Type Pokemon would usually spawn, and you’ll get a Water Type Pokemon. If a Pokemon appears in a biome that generally generates a Magikarp, its chances are increased. Any Pokestop can spawn a Magikarp during this special event.

5. Hunting in the Future:

Once the Shiny Magikarp was discovered, we knew the floodgates had opened. This estimate is based on the assumption that multiple Shiny water-type Pokemon are carried in a backpack at once. A crossover event between the live-action film and the popular augmented reality mobile game was announced on Tuesday by The Pokemon Company and Niantic Labs. There was a Shiny Aipom released for the event, and there were Field Research challenges based on the movie.


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