What is Web Archiving and why is it important for a Website?

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Key Takeaways

  • Web archiving preserves websites in an archive, allowing private access or creating subdomains for public continuity.
  • Archived websites serve as a record of organizations’ public identity, values, and interactions, crucial for preserving history.
  • Websites constantly change, making it challenging to maintain accurate and complete records without proper archiving.
  • PageFreezer offers a scalable solution for accurate website archiving, enabling automation for marketing and compliance teams.
  • Archives are searchable using Elasticsearch technology, ensuring easy access and retrieval of archived content for users.

“Archiving” is a term for the process of acquiring websites from the Internet and storing them in an archive. One of the following two outputs is typically desired when archiving a website:

 A Privately Owned Archive of the Internet

Web archiving is the practice of saving one’s web pages in an archive that only they may view at any given time. Secondly, a firm or organization may desire to preserve major chunks of their website, typically by putting them under a subdomain. Because the archived pages and websites can still be accessed by users, this can be referred to as a web continuity strategy. In order to keep their main site fast and maintain a consistent web experience for archive visitors, businesses employ this strategy.

What is the significance of website archiving?

As a means of promoting and disseminating information, corporations, governments, and non-profit organisations use websites. Brand, values, and persona are all on show on a company’s site; it serves as a record of an organization’s public character and interactions with its audience. In addition, we now rely on online content as our primary source of news and information. Websites are thus considered to be vital public records of the firm, organization, or individual at the moment they were created.

It’s common for websites to be updated and modified regularly because they provide free information. Publishing and removing content is incredibly easy on the internet. This, however, indicates that the information released can vanish just as quickly as it was first made available. To comprehend why it’s difficult to get reliable web records when the data is published, edited, and deleted on a daily basis is simple.

How to Archive Your Website’s Contents?

Web archiving is more difficult because of the Internet’s fleeting nature. Change and evolution necessitate that the technology built to enable it to be constantly updated and improved. Numerous businesses have devised ineffective solutions to this problem, leading to data records that are incomplete, inaccurate, or otherwise invalid.

PageFreezer’s aim has always included the capacity to accurately and at scale archive websites. Our technology was created to help marketing and compliance teams automate the entire process in the website archive service.

All archives are searchable by full text using Elasticsearch technology.

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