Wendys Green Tea

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Key Takeaways

  • Refreshing and Affordable: Wendy’s Green Tea, with tropical flavors, is affordable, starting at $1.69.
  • Fair Trade Commitment: Wendy’s demonstrates commitment to Fair Trade, offering ethical products.
  • Honest Tea Collaboration: Wendy’s Green Tea, a collaboration with Honest Tea, blends green tea leaves and cane sugar for a delightful tropical taste.
  • Customer-Centric Innovation: Wendy’s focuses on customer convenience, introducing eco-friendly and refreshing options.
  • Global Fast-Food Presence: The Wendy’s Company, listed as WEN, operates globally, with 6,500+ restaurants in 28 countries, offering high-quality fast food

Wendys Green Tea is a refreshing, Fair Trade Certified beverage with tropical flavors, available in various sizes and at affordable prices. Wendy’s has recently introduced a delightful addition to their menu, the Wendy’s Green Tea.

Priced at $1.69 for a small, $2.29 for a medium, and $2.69 for a large, this beverage option is affordable and a testament to their commitment to offering Fair Trade products to their customers.

Wendys Green Tea

The Tea, a blend of Honest Tropical Green Tea made with green tea leaves and cane sugar, results from an innovative journey led by Seth Goldman, co-founder and TeaEO of Honest Tea.  Unsurprisingly, this tropical green Tea is already a milestone in Wendy’s menu items, appealing to various preferences with its hints of mango and pineapple flavors.

Brandon Solano, Wendy’s chief marketing officer, is thrilled about this partnership, and the team at Wendy’s has managed to create a refreshing and eco-friendly drink that caters to the tastes of many.

With a focus on customer convenience and a fair commitment to the nation and people, Wendy’s Green Tea is set to become a favorite among customers who value a blend of great taste and ethical sourcing. So, the next time you visit a Wendy’s restaurant, remember to try this new, exciting addition to their line of products.

What is honest Tea?

Wendys Green Tea

Honest Tea, a pioneering tea company founded in 1998, has been a key player in bottled Tea for over two decades. Based in Bethesda, MD, Honest Tea has established itself as a Certified Green Business and is known for its commitment to Fair Trade Certified ingredients.

Their dedication to quality and transparency has earned them numerous awards, including a spot on “125 Best Packaged Foods for Women” by Women’s Health magazine. Honest Tea’s product lines, such as Honest Kids and Honest Fizz, offer a diverse range of thirst quenchers and iced teas made from various tea leaf varieties.

Their “Just a Tad Sweet” beverages cater to those who prefer zero or low-calorie options, showcasing their dedication to a healthier food landscape. Honest Tea has not only brought refreshing drinks to communities across the nation. Still, it has also been recognized by the Alliance

for Workplace Excellence and the United States Healthful Food Council for its contributions to the well-being of both men and women. As a winner in the beverage industry, Honest Tea continues to offer summer refreshers and opportunities for those who need a delightful and honest addition to their day.

What is Wendy’s company?

Wendys Green Tea

The Wendy’s Company, listed on NASDAQ as WEN, is a global quick-service hamburger company in 28 countries. With over 6,500 restaurants, it has established itself as a prominent player in the fast-food industry.

The Wendy’s Company operates in the United States and various territories, making it one of the leading franchise systems in the U.S. and beyond. Known for its delicious and high-quality offerings, Wendy’s has become a household name in the world of fast food, catering to customers across the globe with its signature menu items and excellent service.


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