Websites based on your favourites TV shows.

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Key Takeaways

  • Dress Like Your Favorite TV Character: Find original or affordable duplicates based on your budget.
  • Websites and Magazines: Celebrity sites and fashion magazines offer TV outfits and replicas.
  • Non-Profit Organizations: Organizations like Clothes Off Our Back auction celebrity clothes for charity.
  • Worn on TV Blog: Worn on TV blog helps find and buy TV show outfits.
  • TV Show Nostalgia: Worn on TV captures past TV show fashion trends for nostalgia.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you may either buy the original or head to your local mall to get a cheap duplicate, depending on your budget. It’s common for people to desire to dress like their favourites TV character, and that’s now possible thanks to the fashion industry. You can either find the actual outfits worn on TV episodes or buy low-cost replicas. Nowadays, you can dress like your favourites TV personality if you want to.

Websites based on your favourites TV shows:

Celebrity and fashion magazines and specialized websites, some of which have been made up by celebrities themselves, are great places to seek outfits from TV series. You can look for replicas of the costumes worn on your favourites TV shows by searching for them on these websites based on your favourites TV show or actor. Look through a variety of publications, including those on celebrities and fashion.

Non-profit organization:

They frequently provide information on where to find similar, less expensive things to those seen on TV. To find and buy the exact clothes worn on TV. The Clothes Off Our Back is a non-profit organization that holds celebrity clothes auctions, many of which have been featured on television. They raise money by keeping the auctions. The clothes you want can auction off for a good cause.

Apparel items are seen on-screen:

With worn on TV, you can see what your favourite’s actors and actresses have on in each episode. Wilks, now a 36-year-old mother residing in Queensland, Australia, still manages worn on TV in 2020 with the support of two donors. However, since the 1990s, she has enjoyed building websites. To help you find the same apparel items seen on-screen, Wilks tells you where to buy them, and if they aren’t accessible online, she offers many comparable possibilities for you to choose from.

Zooey Deschanel:

With some help from Zooey Deschanel, she launched her career as a fashion blogger when she was just 26 years old. WWW was established in 2010 by Wilks as a tribute to the actor’s on- and off-screen style. After WWZDW gained a large following, Wilks launched a new fashion blog in 2011 focusing on Taylor Swift. A year later, she decided to take worn on TV a step further in her quest for fashionable items.

Taking a look around online wardrobe:

When someone first comes to wear TV for the first time after nine years, they’re struck by how the blog appears to be ten years old. While the look worn on TV has changed in line with TV trends since 2012, my style hasn’t changed much since I was 19. One of the things I like the most about it is how simple the interface is. It brings to mind the good old days of the internet.

Dazzling user experience with worn on TV:

You won’t be “wowed” by a dazzling user experience with worn on TV, that’s for sure. The blog’s primary purpose is to make it easier for you to find shows, characters, episodes, and costumes. And yes, it does just that. Once you’ve entered the vast virtual closet, you can use the search box at the top to find a specific program or look through the entire list to see what’s been saved over time.

Worn on TV is unbeatable:

As a result, the outfits from these long-dead exhibitions are hard to come by. Even so, you’ll be able to see what the characters used to wear in the past. When it comes to nostalgia, worn on TV is unbeatable. However, it’s also helped me discover new places and brands to shop at. Despite Wilks’ adoration for the New Girl wardrobe, she’s more of a fan of Eleanor from A Good Place.

Riverdale has a strong track record:

It was “the most requested shows in the early days,” Wilks said, but its popularity now relies on what shows are currently in season. Soap operas receive a lot of viewers since they’re always on television, according to Wilks. “Riverdale has a strong track record. Like the original Pretty Little Liars, Veronica, Betty, Cheryl, and Toni each have a distinct personal flair.”

A TV fashionista’s must-haves:

Since its inception in 2012, worn on TV has grown to the point where Wilks no longer needs to work as a web developer to keep up with the blog on a full-time basis. It includes both technical and content development aspects of her job, she revealed. And she’s become an expert at finding outfits thanks to all the experience she’s gained.

Invaluable” to the development of wear on TV:

And after “working 16-hour days, feeling absolutely overwhelmed,” Wilks still couldn’t keep up with the show’s requirements in 2014 and 2015. In 2017, she finally hired two contributors to help administer the site who have been “invaluable” to the development of worn on TV. She can’t keep up with the demand for new shows all the time, and she admits as much.

A new era of worn on TV begins:

Due to Wilks’ maternity leave, the worn on TV suggestion box will be closed for the time being. It is likely that when she returns later this year, she will join the fashion-finding team. Nearly a decade after it launched, worn on TV is still a refuge for TV and fashion fans everywhere. Aside from other sites like, Famous Outfits and show-specific blogs that compete with Wilks, it has always been proud to produce original content.

Worn on TV has only one flaw:

Wilks, on the other hand, is limited in what he can accomplish with off-air appearances. The OC, Friday Night Lights, Smallville, and One Tree Hill all had memorable fashion moments in the early to mid-2000s. We can only hope that worn on TV will be around in 2030, when we may look back fondly on some of today’s most popular shows.


The speed at which episodes are released and consumed has made monitoring worn on TV much more difficult, even while streaming platforms have made it easier to access character costumes, scroll through episodes, and capture specific parts. Meanwhile, we’re working nonstop to finish a few weeks’ worths of work in the next few days, “Wilks stated as much.

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