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BRONZING POWDERS: Zara Beauty, the cosmetics line that Zara launched on May 12th, is now available for purchase! The company stated that it would be releasing lipsticks, eye shadows, and bronzing powder. We began checking off days on the calendar, and today is the last day to try them all. Their eyeshadow palettes have a lot of pigment, and the colours are in style. Their lipsticks are great, whether you wear them outlined or not, and their nail lacquers last longer. However, we’ll be using Zara’s bronzing powders the most in the coming months.

Even in the middle of spring, some fortunate individuals can brag about their tanned skin. If you’re brown at this point, one of three things has happened: you’ve been able to sunbathe, which is the most obvious thing; you’ve applied self-tanner or bronzing powders so well that it appears that your tan is natural, to the point where no one would guess that porters’ golden skin is the result of a cosmetic; or you’ve applied self-tanner or bronzing powders so well that it appears that your tan is natural, When you don’t choose the appropriate bronzing powder, though, it’s really tough to avoid the Cheeto look, that ugly orange colour left by bronzing powders.

Zara’s bronzing powders, which are both natural and long-lasting, are our most recent find. Zara’s most natural sun powders, which are vegan and cruelty-free, are refillable and dubbed “The Ultimate Glow-Getter.” They rapidly improve skin tone and mask blemishes with a velvety finish, as if we had golden skin on summer days.


Top-quality, cruelty-free formulas devised by British make-up artist Diane Kendal are featured in this collection of lipstick, lip gloss, bronzing powder, long-lasting lacquer, and powder brushes. It comes in over 130 colours and finishes, including matt, metallic, glossy, and pearly.

  • Refillable packaging is used for a substantial portion of the collection, making it simple to reuse.
  • Zara now sells beauty products, so you don’t need to go anywhere else.

Prepare yourself, Zara enthusiasts, for a piece of news that will make your year. The meg-stylish company, which is known for supplying the fashion community with affordable trend pieces that fill our closets all year, is branching out into the beauty world. In fact, Zara Beauty, the retailer’s first official beauty collection, debuted today. That’s right, you can now stock up on colourful lip colours, eye shadows, cosmetics brushes, and even nail polish in addition to the most coveted sartorial styles for summer, from pleated miniskirts to halter tops. What’s the best part? It’s all in keeping with Zara’s enhanced quality and inclusive culture, which we’ve come to love and expect.

The color range is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about this new beauty offering. It’s enormous. In typical Zara form, there’s something for everyone, whether you want to go for a natural appearance or a full-on glam-rock style with contrasting eyes and lips. This is deliberate, according to Zara beauty director Eva Lopez-Lopez. In a statement, she stated, “Our goal was to develop something really inclusive in which many can join; creative products with a playful, personal, and individualized character, all manufactured with high-performance ingredients and true color creativity.”

Here Are My Honest Thoughts After Trying a Full Face of Zara Beauty

Zara fans, rejoice: you can now browse your entire wardrobe as well as your cosmetics supplies in one convenient location. The European shop is launching its first-ever beauty line, which will include nail polishes, lipsticks, and other cosmetics in over 130 shades. Is there any more exciting news? The goods are re-usable and cost-effective.

Diane Kendal, a famed makeup artist whose work has appeared in Vogue, Vanity Fair, and other publications, is in charge of the new launch’s artistic concept. “I saw an opportunity to build something that everyone would want to use when Zara invited me to lead the creative direction of Zara Beauty,” she says. “With a collection that is clean, refillable, and accessible to everyone, I wanted to bring that same large vision to beauty with a collection that is clean, refillable, and accessible to everyone.”

You can anticipate editorial-worthy products at the inexpensive price point Zara is known for, just like the brand’s fashion offers. “I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve made,” she says, “a wide range of purposefully distinctive formulae for eyes, lips, cheeks, and nails.” “This level of colour and liveliness, while being clean and employing high-quality ingredients, is something that has never been done before. The collection promotes what I believe is most important in our industry: there is no beauty, only beauties, via a variety of faces and appearances.”


Thanks to its silky consistency and natural matte finish, you can fake a “just-off-the-beach” look whenever you like.

I’ve given up Bronzing powder since switching to cream and liquid blush and haven’t looked back. I’ve tried far too many BRONZING POWDERS products that clung to the skin rather than blending in. With this palette, though, I didn’t have that problem. The blush felt natural and buildable, which was ideal for me because I like to use blush liberally.

A wonderful surprise was the bronzer. When I glanced at the palette, it didn’t look like it would show up on my complexion, but it ended out to be the ideal warm wash of color.

I used a moist brush to achieve the liquid effect with the highlighter because I adore liquid highlighters. For $26, you can have all three cheek products, as well as the blush and highlighters separately for $11 and refills for $6.

For a variety of reasons, the eyeshadow palette is the item I’m most enthusiastic about. For one thing, I like that the six-shade refilling package also suits the BRONZING POWDERS and cheek palette. The idea that I can quickly replenish the empty palette with whatever other product I desire is novel and refreshing, especially if this becomes a favorite.

I received a six-pan palette with hues of green, one of five six-pan palettes, and nine shadow duos. I didn’t have high hopes for the shimmery palette because I prefer mattes. I was determined to make the shimmers work with only one matte hue. I layered on a little of the dull green hue, which was far more pigmented than I had anticipated, and blended effortlessly with almost no fallout. I used a spritz of water on my eyeshadow brush to press one of the shimmering tones, but they’re really pigmented and apply without a mixing medium. Single pan refills are $5 and tray refills are $18.

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These Zara brushes are just up my alley because I adore inexpensive brushes and constantly sing the praises of my Holy Grail concealer brush (“it’s $3!”). This set includes a blush brush, a powder brush, two shader brushes, and a lip brush for the eyes, lips, and face. The powder brush was by far my favourite. It’s light and fluffy, and I used it for powder and blush because who doesn’t appreciate a product that can do it all? The entire collection is currently available online and at select Zara shops.


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