Is the zedge app unsafe in the Year 2023?

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Key Takeaways

  • Zedge is not malicious or fraudulent; it’s a legitimate app for wallpapers, ringtones, and more.
  • Zedge had briefly disappeared from the Google Play Store but is now available again.
  • The claims of Zedge being unsafe are related to privacy concerns, mainly when purchasing a premium plan.
  • Zedge has a premium plan that removes ads and offers faster download speeds.
  • Users can block ads on Zedge using ad-blocker programs or by utilizing the app’s split-screen view. Zedge remains a widely used and secure application for free content.

Zedge app unsafe: You may have received a warning from the Google Play Store stating that Zedge is responsible for assaults on mobile devices. Is Zedge harmful? Zedge is not malicious software or a fraud. There was a point when it contained bugs, but that issue has since been resolved. People are again downloading and installing it on their devices after it briefly disappeared from the Google Play Store. Due to security flaws in the app, Zedge harmful notifications from Google Play Protect may be triggered. This article will give you all the information about zedge harmful notifications, whether Zedge Safe 2021, zedge, and Zedge app are unsafe.

What is the Zedge app?

ZEDGE is among the most important places to find ringtones and 4K wallpaper. This is a wallpaper website. To get wallpapers for your phone, you can go to any number of websites or use any number of apps. ZEDGE’s website offers more than just wallpapers; there are ringtones and videos for mobile devices and desktop computers for viewing pleasure.

Offers of ZEDGE:

ZEDGE offers a mobile app available on both Android and iOS. Both the website and the mobile app provide excellent content. However, the consensus is that it should be used elsewhere. Nobody, however, explains why ZEDGE is unsafe for human usage. You may also follow the creators on Zedge and get updates anytime they upload something new.

What does one do with the Zedge app?

Zedge is a website for downloading high-quality wallpapers for your home screen and lock screen, sorted into many categories like nature, aesthetics, art, the cosmos, etc. Zedge is where you can find the best ringtones and live wallpapers for your Smartphone. Customizable app icons and widgets allow you to give your phone a whole new look. Many creators on Zedge upload their artwork and enable users to download it.

Premium ZEDGE Plans:

ZEDGE offers two different price categories. There is one for each month and one for the whole year. The only difference is the price, yet both choices provide the same level of protection. The cost is 199 rupees yearly, which breaks down to 85 rupees monthly. It is possible to save up to sixty per cent with an annual plan. The premium plan has other benefits besides removing advertisements, such as faster download speeds.

Is Zedge safe?

It’s a common misconception that the Zedge app is unsafe, but this is unfounded. It would be best if you did not worry about security when using this app on your mobile device. The problem is the reasoning behind the claims that ZEDGE is unsafe. This is done for privacy reasons. When a user purchases a premium ZEDGE package, he is prompted to enter personal information.

You may still utilize their app and get your hands on all the free goods they offer. Premium content such as wallpapers, ringtones, and videos can be obtained by watching advertisements.

Is Zedge a harmful app?

Over 460 million copies of Zedge have been downloaded from Google Play, and the Apple App Store combined. At this very moment, more than 30 million users are using Zedge. It has been a go-to wallpaper and ringtone app for a considerable time, and surprisingly few people have complained about it.

Can I get Google Play Store Zedge?

It may be purchased through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. By downloading it to your mobile device, you can get some awesome wallpaper for your iOS or Android Smartphone. All of this information is outlined in the screenshot that was supplied. This year, though, Google Play Protect warned users that downloading Zedge could damage their Smartphones. Zedge’s creators temporarily pulled their app from Google Play while they analyzed it for malicious code and fixed any issues it may have had.

  • Google did not explain this; however, it is likely related to recent changes to Google’s security settings.
  • It’s safe to use Zedge again, as it’s been made accessible for download on the Play Store.
  • Based on reviews, the software is functioning normally.

How do I block advertisements on Zedge?

1: Block advertising by using Ad-Blocker:

One approach to blocking adverts on Zedge is to use adblocker programs like AdGuard or Blokade. By installing an ad blocker, you may eliminate all banner and video ads and track their performance. The browser version of AdGuard is free; however, blocking advertisements inside apps requires a premium edition of AdGuard. The complete version of AdGuard is not accessible on the Play Store, but you may download it from AdGuard’s official website.

2: Use split-screen view:

You may avoid paying for an ad blocker if you use Zedge instead since it offers a split-screen option. If you do that, it is possible that advertisements will not display when the screen is maximized.

3: Android split-screen mode:

To do this, hit the left navigation button at the bottom of your screen, tap and hold the Zedge symbol, and pick “open ” in the split-screen view.

Since its 2003 release, the app has seen tremendous success on Android, with well over 100,000,000 downloads. However, things changed when Google warned consumers that Zedge could damage their gadgets. The software was removed from Google’s Google Play Market for three days. Since it remained suspended for only a short period, we cannot conclude that it is malicious software or fraud. For years, Zedge has served its users well.


An excellent application that can be located on the internet is of great assistance when one is seeking services that are provided for free cost. However, many people had inquired about safety only a few days before. In the grand scheme of things, Zedge’s potential uses are unaffected by the fact that any internet program is susceptible to bugs. The finest thing was how quickly the bugs were fixed. Finally, Zedge is a very secure program that can be used on Android and PC.


Is Zedge safe in 2021?

Zedge was reported as potentially hazardous and taken down from the Google Play Store. The programmers say they discovered the cause of the bug and fixed it. Since then, the software has yet to be found hazardous. It requires several permissions, which may deter certain users.

Is Zedge truly cost-free for all users?

The Zedge app does not cost anything to get or use. But you may earn credits to spend on content from Premium Marketplace’s independent artists. You can pay a monthly subscription charge if you want to avoid advertisements.


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